Benefits of Using Our Services

There are common issues when using a travel agency to plan your holiday. Let us describe how we avoid such scenarios. So that it's clear to you that you should use us to plan your next holiday in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

We match our prices with online booking prices.

We don't want your final bill to look so much expensive. Most of the hotel rates, ticket prices are displayed on the internet. So there's nothing for us to hide anyway. You might check the internet and wonder how we did all of that for almost free of charge. Hotels pay us commissions. It's our main income.

Mainstream Info & Non Mainstream info

We'll tell you the mainstream information based on your interests. But most importantly, through choosing us you will get to know things you never heard of. Things are not in the internet. It's our passion reasearching and learning new things about our country. You will get all of our knowledge which we gained by doing all these researches through many years.

We give "All Inclusive" Final Amounts

You don't have to spend so many hours on the internet reading reviews and to do the reservations. We do all of that for you. So that this saves lots of your time and future dissapointments.

We do not cost more Over Online Bookings

Our income relies on commissions that we earn from hotel stays, sight seeing and car rentals. Because we get our income through the commissions, we do not have to put our cost into your final total.

We are not pushing you for anything

We make the recommendations based on your interests. Rather than adding up more inclusions to your final bill, we want to make your final bill to look "worthy". Our final goal is making the client happy. At the end of the day, it's your feedback what matters to run our business successfully.

We Save Your Time

Since we have the experience travelling with many tourists before your arrival, we know how much time is it going to take to be at the destination. We want to arrange you these site visits in the best possible way to save your time. So that you are not tired to start touring on the next day. We want to keep you happy until you fly back home.

We have contacts

Since we visit all of these tourist attractions and stay places so often, we have contacts. We have a good contact base. Otherwise, we can't run a business. You benefit from our contact list at the end of the day. Because we handle everything for you through our contacts. Less chance for a dissapointment.

We get rates that you don't

Since we do so many reservations so often, we get special rates. And to attract more tourists, sales people in these booking departments contact us even before they publish their deals in their websites. You are going to benefit from that at the end of the day. You get special rates, before you are travelling via

We have specialized expertise

Based on your interests, we want you you to experience the best out there. We plan your tour by putting all our knowledge and experience in these sites. We do the researching for you. And, we do the researches with all of our knowledge and previous experiences. Our guides are putting all of their effort to get them selves updated about any incedents which will make an impact. And they will share all of their knowledge with you in each site visit.

We plan with all our heart

We love our country. We want to show you the country we know in the best possible way. As a business too, we can not run for a long time in travel and tourism industry if we do not care about customer satisfactory. Also we highly value your reviews about our services. And we know, none of you are going to put good reviews on us if we perform badly. We do not want you to get dissapointed at any point. Not just the start, not just the end, we need you to experice the best out of your jorney throughout your journey.

Value for money vs Cheap

It's worth mentioning that cheap and, value for money are two different concepts. Infact, there's a huge difference. When there are some cheap alternatives, sometimes we recommend a little expensive way of experincing the same thing. Why? Because you get more value for the money you pay. We don't want you to go on a sightseeing and comeback without getting the real experience of it. So to avoid that, we recommend the best value for money deal over the cheapest one.

There's better chance to change your plans

When you do the reservations, you do it with a complete stranger. You can't cancel the reservations when you meet the deadlines. But, we do the reservations through our contacts. Through our past experiencex, we know that some of you ask to change the plans. Eventhough it's almost impossible to change the plans without adding extra cost in many occations, there are few times that we have changed the plans without affecting your final bill. There's a better chance in changing the tour plan for us than what you do.

We give you the best advices through our knowledge

Since we got the experience visiting these places, we know how it works. What time of the day is best to visit such sites and when you should leave the site to make it up to the stay place. You want the quickest route? Well that's easy. You can use the google maps. Or, you can ask from anyone in the streets. But, what's the most scenic route? Which route meets the beaches so often? Most comfortable route? Routes based on Weather? Which route you should go through to get the native fruits? Why just the routes? It's about everything.

We work as your troubleshooter

When you've got a problem, you can directly throw at us. It's not like you go alone, and there's no one to listen to your complaints and act accordingly. We do these things for you. Infact, we have the experience what problems most of our clients were complaining about. So that we already know, and we do our best to prevent them from happening to you.