why us

Why us? Why not other travel agencies? Of course we understand your concern. And we respect you for having that in your mind. Because, having that concern in your mind is also the main reason why most of the travellers are selecting us as their travel agent to manage their tour in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

We are a group who are passionately loving this beautiful tiny Island Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Because we love it so much, we also get our selves knowledgable about every aspect this country is about. Because we know about our country so much, you'll get bunch of more information over other travel agencies. All our travel guides are born here. And live here. For their entire period of life. So that we have expert knowledge about almost everything in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). We don't want you to be dissapointed. Whenever you fly back home after finishing your planned holiday, we want to make your Holiday To Ceylon stand out from rest of your holidays. When you leave this country after spending your best ever holiday, we want you to make sure you leave with having great memories about our country. We are sure, with our guidance, you'll love this beautiful little country as much as we do before you fly back home. It's not going to be just a holiday. It's going to be a holiday with lot more things to you to discuss with your friends and family in future. Our staff is very friendly, nice ahd helpfull. We respect your concerns. You are our number one priority from the moment you step into this soil.

Born Here, Live Here

Being Natives, We know what works well. We have so many contacts too.

Passionately Loving Our Country

We want to show our beautiful country to the world.

Dedicated To Give The Most Out Of It

We want you to get the best possible experience from our country.

Expert Knowledge About Almost Everything

In spite of Sri Lanka, we know every in out of this Island.

Wanting you to Experience The Most Of It

We'll arrange the best experiences in the best possible way.

Best Value For Your Money

We care about your money. Because we want you to get the best out of it. We show you what's worth it.

Respecting your concerns

It might be the best day, and best time to visit a site. But if you want stay and swim, by all means, yes!

Loving Nature, Wildlife & All the living things

We love animals, wildlife, forests, beautiful beaches. We love everything about Sri Lanka. And proud being a Sri Lankan.

Not Wanting You To Get Dissapointed

Customer Satisfactionary is Key in our Industry. We highly value your views on our Service. No Frustration.

Friendly, Nice & Helpfull Staff

We are friendly and nice so that you can shoot all your problems at us. And we help to overcome those issues.

I travel, I read, I write, I have other lives. But when I have a camera, I know that's my country, my island.

Leos Carax